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The BHE Group consults with healthcare organizations, practices and communities that are seeking to use evidence-based population health approaches to strengthen care delivery and improve the well-being of individuals and families. To that end we work with healthcare organizations and provide expertise and turn-key implementation in the following areas

Implementation of Evidence-based care management programs e.g. transitions of care, behavioral health integration, high-value referral networks, ED diversion, advanced care planning
Healthcare consumer engagement
Community and stakeholder engagement
Physician Engagement
Patient-centered management and care coordination
HIE Vendor Evaluations & Strategy
Outcomes Metrics, Data Analytics & Reporting
Staff Education & Training Needs
Internal Stakeholder Readiness & Gap Analysis
Internal/External (Vendor) Readiness & Gap Analysis
Workflow Analysis
Grant-writing and project conceptualization

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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